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【Rancho Cucamonga】Lindane, who only focuses on the competition, lost his last line of defense. he is a big ye but he is really old.

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Wang pulled out the five hundred dollar bills in red and said: "Just let me have a good time, the money is not what?"[Santa Clarita]


Wu Wei: lucky to win the championship, I am still a little overwhelmed. Wu xuanle: I am very excited to win the championship.

Yang Lin understand that he was safe over the city, the police are afraid to shoot down his. Yang Lin is able to open the Special Forces fighter, and he would sneak into the enemy stole one from the United States to sell advanced fighters, and has also a second-class power again. But for his style on the problem, now long been an officer of the post is not low. The heart, Driving helicopters for him nothing. As fast as he flew to Qinglongshan, he thought as long as the police into the mountains there is no way to get him. Open to the Ming led a multi-helicopters, hot pursuit from, while police blocked the entire life of the city thoroughfares. When Yang arrived Qinglongshan directly after the aircraft entered Qinglongshan Li Lao five underground palace, to see Yang Ming opened the aircraft directly into the cave, not the effect. Police ordered a few helicopters parked on the ground in front of the hole. Aside to let the police come down from the helicopter, while calling troops reinforcements. [Lubbock]

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Plant is located in the residential area in the middle of a dilapidated three-story house, surrounded by two meters tall walls, feels more like a detention center. Three reporters into the hospital, I saw dozens of men and women workers look like irritability standing hospital. Which actually have seven or eight young men dressed in spring equinox exaggerated dark blue cotton coat, tied on his left arm do not know where the red armbands marked, armband on Qiniubawai to read "protect the factory team," the words, each hand Lane clasped stick. Everyone questioned for three strange visitor injection, alertness and even hostile gaze. Which started his Red's Fangzhu seen this formation, immediately Goldwind who instinctively leaned toward it, his face somewhat timid.[Saint Paul]

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